KIP is an association for the production and distribution of documentary films.
The project KIP was conceived by Elsie Haas, filmmaker and founder of the association.

The object of KIP is to create images of "the developing world" in all its complexity whether artistic, socio-political or economic.

The films produced by KIP will contribute to an understanding of the universal aspect of our common humanity by questioning the stereotypes common to Western interpretations of these cultures.
The project will consist in producing documentaries written and produced by filmmakers from all over the world.
The choice of subjects will cover the broadest possible spectrum seeking a critical, albeit generous, approach on the part of the filmmakers and giving expression to opinions and experiences seldom voiced in existing media.

In tandem with ongoing international policies to develop "equitable commerce"
with developing nations, KIP aims to produce "equitable images" in order to stimulate productive exchanges on a creative and artistic level and disseminate an alternative to the dominant Western vision which tends to marginalize other cultures.

The members of KIP come from very different backgrounds
. With their specific cultures, qualities and professional experience, each brings to the writing, production, shooting and distribution of films, the qualities necessary for the elaboration and creation of this vision of the project.
The founder-members of the association are Elsie Haas, Michele Stephenson, Alliou Diallo, Marie-Claude Pernelle, Vik Birkbeck, Gerard Loubeau, Betsabee Haas and Elisa Van Waeyenberge.

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