KIP is a non-profit-making association founded in France according to law 1901. Its statutes authorize it to produce and distribute films and other audio-visual products with any profit being re-invested in the association.
By this means a long-term project of research and dialogue is guaranteed.

KIP's members understand that it is only possible to influence public opinion if their films can guarantee a wide audience.
KIP thus aims to resort to diverse distribution strategies for each of its films, including projections at film festivals, distribution in television and cable TV networks, schools, universities and other academic and artistic institutions and video distribution.

KIP invites you to support our individual projects and/or the operation of our organization. Your tax deductible contributions will help KIP's efforts to produce documentarires about the world's various cultures, people and issues often ignored by mainstream media.
We seek your much needed participation and assistance in this innovative global venture. Your support and enthusiasm for KIP's independent vision will allow our documentary projects to become a reality and to be seen by international audiences everywhere.

If you wish to support this important endeavor, please contact us at the email address above.
Thank you in advance for your financial assistance, and KIP will keep you informed of its progress.


Bank : Crédit Lyonnais 30002
Code guichet : 433
Account 9625B
Clé Rib : 55
Domiciliation : Paris St-Paul Marais